Whitefish Bay Village Hall + Police Department

In 2016, Bray Architects conducted a spatial needs assessment of the existing Whitefish Bay Village Hall + Police Department. The study identified key spaces throughout the building in need of additional and/or renovated space. After a year of post-study design development, a final plan was presented to and approved by the Village Board.

One of the largest aspects of the Whitefish Bay Village Hall + Police Department renovation is the public lobby. Lighting and finishes brighten up the lobby, and an obstructive vestibule was removed to open up the space. The Village’s Clerk/Finance and Building Services offices received optimal counter top space to improve accessibility and better service. Finally, a conference room was relocated adjacent to the lobby and facilitates daily operations of the village staff, while also accommodating public meetings.

The Village Board room was redesigned to feature a single-level landing to create a more accessible, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant space. These new features encourage easier and more equitable interaction with an audience and amongst board members.

Further upgrades include redesign of the police offices and an addition for police vehicle storage. The new garage blends seamlessly with the existing building by utilizing matching brick. Reclaimed wood planks from the building’s original ceiling were utilized throughout the lobby and Village Board Room as a nod to the historic space. The goal of the project was to bring the space into the 21st Century, while also preserving the building’s history.

Location: Whitefish Bay, WI     Size of Addition: 1,900 square feet    Size of Renovation: 13,270 square feet

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