West Bend High School Library Renovation

The West Bend High School library renovation project modernized the existing library into a dynamic and flexible learning environment.

A café seating area leads you into the library, setting the tone for a calm yet inviting atmosphere; and a Student Center inside the main entry offers students quick and easy access to supplies and learning materials. The integration of skylights welcomes natural light in, and upgrades to infrastructure and power/data created a technology-rich space with a collegiate feel.

Students can gather in the open library space, or choose between open or enclosed gathering spaces of various sizes which surround the open library. Each of these spaces is appointed with varied amenities and storage. Additionally, an Innovation Center welcomes activities associated with a STEAM curriculum right into the library. A tiered multi-purpose room offers another technology-rich environment for large groups to meet and work together.

Location: West Bend, WI    Size of Renovation: 16,600 square feet

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