University of Wisconsin-Green Bay at Manitowoc

Following a study and visioning session conducted by Bray, the top priorities for UW-Manitowoc’s original campus building, Founders Hall, were determined to be the Science Labs, Art Studios, and Library. The Library, which was buried in the back of the 2nd floor academic stack, was relocated at the front entry in a high visibility, high traffic area. The old Library was then converted into larger science labs, a nursing lab, and an open collaboration area for use by all students.

Founders Hall received all new windows, reverting the exterior to look more like its original intent after removing asphalt infill panels added in the 1970s. The art studios were moved up out of the basement and into dedicated spaces for printmaking, painting, and digital arts with specialized lighting and equipment for these practices. Much needed upgrades to the HVAC, fire alarm, and building control systems were also integrated in to the new design. The new spaces now help serve the students at UW-Manitowoc in their academic and creative pursuits.

Location: Manitowoc, WI     Size of Library Renovation: 7,410 square feet     Size of Art Renovation: 2,975 square feet     Size of Science Renovation: 13,660 square feet

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