St. Paul of the Apostle Catholic Church

Originally built in 1909, this church has a rich history of expansions, remodels and redecoration projects. The design team was challenged with revitalizing the space while remaining loyal to its neo-gothic design origins. The church community realized the need for a renovation of the space due to deterioration in materials and inadequate lighting, but had concerns about cost. The design team responded to the community’s concerns by addressing structural needs and repurposing original materials within
the space.

The updates improved accessibility to the altar and chapel areas, new solid oak pews and liturgical furnishings, new terrazzo flooring, finishes and paint and wall coverings. All updates follow the liturgical design in accordance with the requirements of the Catholic Church. The congregation will also experience updated lighting, power and systems; and new audio-visual capabilities.

Location: Davenport, IA    Religious Denomination: Catholic     Size of Renovation: 10,250 square feet

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