Slinger High School

In efforts to address district and community needs, Slinger School District underwent a referendum for renovations at 5 area schools. A portion of the overall referendum budget was put towards an addition and renovations at Slinger High School. Renovations include improvements to the main office, library, lecture room, special education, fitness, science, tech education, and STEM classrooms.

The project also included a new 35,890 square foot auditorium that serves the needs of the whole community. The new addition includes a lobby, stagecraft, costume shop, dressing rooms, concessions and other various support spaces. The new auditorium is connected to the existing school by an adjacent addition which will house choir and band rehearsal rooms and other music support spaces. The auditorium addition allows the gymnasium space to be used solely for athletics and physical education activities.

Location: Slinger, WI     Size of Addition: 54,000 square feet     Size of Renovation: 70,000 square feet

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