Silver Lake College Nursing Laboratory

A brand new collaboration area has been constructed for the newly appointed Silver Lake College School of Nursing. This unique space blends healthcare with education and includes simulation rooms that emulate a typical hospital style suite. The simulation rooms are equipped with high-fidelity mannequins that nursing students can use to learn and apply skills. An extensive audio/visual system was added in order to aide students’ learning and feedback by recording simulation sessions. The new control room is equipped with one-way glass to allow for instructors to privately evaluate students. The adjacent conference room is used for post-simulation evaluation and playback. The new space also includes an open collaboration area which has been modeled after a healthcare-like reception area, and serves as a central gathering space for all Nursing and Health Sciences students (who will occupy the adjacent space during phase two remodeling).

Location: Manitowoc, WI     Size of Renovation: 9,500 square feet     Cost: $1,200,000

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