Sheboygan City Hall

After two years of a comprehensive study process that looked at various solutions, the Sheboygan City Council opted to keep the City Hall in its current 1916 structure. Bray Architects developed a plan to completely renovate the three-story, 37,000 square foot building in order to create a modern office environment and a convenient, customer-friendly visitor experience.

The plan includes completely restoring the historic building shell and renovating the main entry addition on the north side. The new entry will feature a three-story glass curtain wall overlooking a pedestrian plaza that will connect with the public library and city fountain.

The interior of the building will undergo a total renovation with the exception of the historical stairway and third-floor council chambers, which will be restored. All building systems including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and technology will be replaced with completely new systems.

The stairway will become the focal point of a three-story atrium adjacent to the new curtainwall entry. The atrium will allow natural light to fill the center of the building and serve as a visual connection between the three main floors. Conference rooms will be designed to be accessed from the public atrium space allowing for use by multiple departments and community groups. All interior departmental offices will be converted to open, flexible and efficient spaces that reflect a new approach to serving the community.

Upon completion the building will house all of the city department’s with the exception of police, fire and public works. It will also retain its original historic design while updating facilities to adapt to a modern and cohesive workplace environment.


Location: Sheboygan, WI     Size of Renovation: 37,000 square feet     Cost: $10,800,000

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