Northern Ozaukee Consolidated Campus

In Spring 2018, Bray Architects supported the Northern Ozaukee School District through a successful $14.95 million referendum to address infrastructure, site, and educational space needs at the existing combined campus.

To address space and schedule limitations, the building received a cafeteria/kitchen addition with space for elementary and middle/high school students. The new addition functions as a large group instructional space for students and a venue for community events/activities during non-school hours.

Because the auditorium no longer shares space with the cafeteria, the auditorium is renovated as a dedicated area for student rehearsals, school presentations, concerts, musicals and more. The auditorium includes fixed seating, updated theatrical sound/lighting, and acoustic treatments.

Other improvements include new parking and site circulation; replacement of heating/cooling systems, plumbing and electrical; and finish/technology upgrades to classrooms throughout the facility.

Location: Fredonia, WI

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