Knapp Elementary School

Bray Architects provided architectural and interior design services for the new Knapp Elementary School. The two-story, PreK-5 elementary school replaced the existing school and was constructed on a contiguous city block. The existing school remained open during construction; however, once the new structure was complete, the old building was razed to accommodate play fields. Construction was completed prior to the 2016-2017 school year.

The new school features dedicated gymnasium space with room for spectator seating, as well as a separate cafeteria. The school will also be partnering with The United Way to provide community programs throughout the year. These activities will take place in the new shared Community Room and on the “Born Learning” trail, which will serve as a walkway at the exterior of the building and feature entertaining activities for both students and members of the community.

Although not seeking certification, the design of the new school is equivalent to LEED® Silver.

Location: Racine, WI     Size: 68,250 square feet

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