Muskego High School Concessions

As a result of the successful spring 2016 referendum, Muskego High School revisited a number of athletic projects, including the high school natatorium renovation and the new Muskego High School concessions buildings.

The new concessions buildings are comprised of three small structures: ticketing, concessions, and restrooms. The building is designed to serve the football spectators as well as tennis and softball spectators on adjacent fields when it is not in use for football games. The building is a total of 2,900 square feet and will replace ticketing and concessions functions currently located elsewhere on the site.

The new Muskego High School concessions building sits at the south end of the football field and can be accessed from existing parking lots through the use of both new and existing walkways connecting to the field and parking lots. The exterior building design features an orange/brown brick that matches the newer portions of the existing high school, along with a bluff colored brick at the base which also matches the existing high school.

Metals panels and a standing seam metal roof are used as accents on the canopy, roof edge, soffit, and select walls. The roof structure and canopy of the center ticketing building relate directly to defining architectural elements at entry points of the newer portions of the existing high school building in an effort to architecturally tie the concessions building into the rest of the high school campus.

Location: Muskego, WI     Size: 2,900 square feet

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