Mukwonago High School Gymnasium

Part of an extensive renovation and addition project at the high school, this new 3-station Mukwonago High School gymnasium includes 2,300 seats for spectators – enough to accommodate both sporting events and special school events. Glass overhead doors provide access to the outdoor fields and allow natural light to fill the space. This versatile training facility also includes 10 basketball hoops, an indoor running track, sandpit, and vault pit for off-season track and field training. The wood flooring and retractable bleachers include school graphics and accents of the school’s signature blue and yellow.

The lobby of the Mukwonago High School gymnasium connects the athletic wing to the rest of the school, creating a new exterior face to the 300,000 square foot building. The lobby includes a concessions window, digital viewing area for gym overflow, and custom wall graphics celebrating the school’s athletics.

Location: Mukwonago, WI     Size of Gymnasium: 30,000 square feet    Size of Gym Lobby: 10,000 square feet

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