Melrose-Mindoro School District

In 2016, the Melrose-Mindoro School District partnered with Bray Architects to conduct a comprehensive facilities assessment to evaluate the needs at its three school campuses. The study identified safety/security, staff efficiency, busing, grade configuration, and aging infrastructure as the most pressing needs.

After review of the facility analysis and the potential solutions Bray provided, the School Board presented the options to the community through a survey to help determine the direction it should take in addressing the District’s immediate and future needs. With careful evaluation of the assessment and clear direction from the community survey results, the School Board unanimously voted to place a $24,700,000 referendum question on the November 8, 2016 ballot to create a consolidated campus at the existing high school site. The question was soundly approved by taxpayers.

Upon completion of three building additions, renovations, and site improvements, the consolidated campus will not only solve the identified needs, but also save the District an estimated $180,000 annually.

Location: Melrose, WI     Size of Addition: 121,000 square feet     Size of Renovation: 18,000 square feet (total over two phases)          Cost: $22,500,000

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