Mayville High School Sports + Recreation

The Mayville School District partnered with Bray to upgrade learning environments at the high school to reflect the school’s 21st Century curriculum. Improvements throughout the building, including STEM spaces, Mayville High School sports and recreation spaces, and the auditorium created a “like-new” high school.

Improvements included the new fitness room, which provides ample space for sports training and physical education instruction. Clerestory windows flood the space with light, and school colors on the ceiling clouds and sound panels draw a sense of school spirit. Glass panel garage doors open to provide access to the outdoor athletic fields.

The gymnasium lobby also received renovations as part of the Mayville High School sports and recreation improvements, including a wall graphic to inspire pride in the school’s athletic history. Anchored by two trophy cases, the graphic highlights Mayville’s athletic and sports history since the school’s founding. The carefully designed floor pattern intentionally draws visual attention toward the graphic and helps guide students and visitors into the gym.

Location: Mayville, WI    Size of Fitness Center: 4,000 square feet

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