Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

This new Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant maintenance facility evolved from a Bray-led master planning effort. The new facility sits on the existing Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District campus and provides a professional, public presence while integrating into the existing campus aesthetic. The building serves as a base for employees who keep the maintenance facility up and running every day and includes a garage, workshops, offices, lockers, and a training room. The new design helps to contribute to the prosperous, healthy and sustainable community that surrounds the facility, and the Bray team worked alongside building owners to ensure that the aesthetic of the surrounding campus, and community be highly present in this new design.

The building is equipped with a number of sustainable features including: a green roof, photovoltaic panels, high-performance LED lighting and task lighting, occupancy and daylight sensors, low-consumption plumbing fixtures, access to alternative transportation, on-site storm water infiltration, drought tolerant native species, and pervious pavement.

An extremely unique element of this Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District facility is the highly-sustainable “sewer thermal” system that utilizes the facility’s effluent system. Effluent is treated waste water produced by the facility that is ready for discharge back to the local watershed. Millions of gallons of effluent are produced year round and pumped to locations off-site. To make use of this existing engineering systems in the design of the new facility, the design and engineering team created a small spur from the main effluent system to supply the new Maintenance Facility with effluent for use in heating and cooling systems. In this building, the effluent performs a similar role to that of a typical geothermal borefield. The effluent provides favorable temperatures in both the winter and summer, and allows the building’s heat pumps to operate at very efficient conditions.

Due to these innovative design approaches for mechanical systems and water efficiencies, the building has been recognized as LEED® Platinum certified.

Awards: United States Green Building Council | Wisconsin – Local Leader Award of Excellence, 2017

Location: Madison, WI     Size: 40,000 square feet

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