Little Chute Intermediate/ Middle/High School

Bray Architects conducted a comprehensive facility study for the Little Chute Area School District, helping the district to identify specific areas of need within their intermediate/middle/high school campus. Aided by this insight and Bray’s close partnership, the Little Chute Facilities Task Force (a diverse group of volunteers) reviewed, analyzed, and prioritized current and future facility needs. Concluding that some of the identified areas of need could not be addressed within the district’s regular operating budget, the task force made a unanimous recommendation to the Board in January 2017 to proceed to a community referendum for facility improvements.

A successful April 2017 referendum allowed the district to accomplish the following: resolve safety/security concerns by constructing a new secure visitor entrance and consolidating the middle and high school offices into one location; advance school learning environments with the introduction of dedicated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), electronics, and CAD labs; improve instructional flexibility with the creation of collaboration spaces and classrooms for small group instruction; and renovate/expand the existing kitchen, serving, and student dining areas.

Other improvements included the consolidation of the campus’ two separate libraries for increased efficiency, expansion of physical education spaces, and reconfiguring the middle school parking lot to improve safety of drop-off/pick-up. Upgrades to building infrastructure (heating, cooling, ventilation, and roof replacements) now mean a more efficient school and lower maintenance costs.

Location: Little Chute, WI     Size of Addition: 24,000 square feet   Size of Renovation: 61,000 square feet    Cost: $17,770,000

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