Kewaskum Middle + High School

Previously, the District’s middle and high schools were separate facilities that shared a single campus. By introducing a new, two-story middle school addition to the existing high school, the District was able to create an integrated building that better serves students, staff, and the community.

The new middle school is home to a central resource area that spans both floors and is anchored by a “learning staircase.” This unique feature acts as a central hub for students and includes a center aisle for gathering. The addition also features tech ed/STEAM spaces, core classrooms, and a gymnasium. A new cafeteria features a sweeping curtain wall and brightly colored soffits.

Renovations to the existing high school transformed core classrooms into interactive learning spaces and created additional collaboration space.

Location: Kewaskum, WI     Size of Addition: 97,300 square feet     Size of Renovation: 36,000 square feet

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