Horicon School District

The Bray design team collaborated with Horicon School District staff to create a design concept for Elementary School addition that’s unique to the District, using natural patterns, shapes and colors that can be found in the surrounding area. The concept assigns an ecosystem to each of the four grade level “neighborhoods.” Each neighborhood includes dedicated classrooms and small group instruction spaces centered around a commons area. Drumlins, woodlands, lakes and rivers, and wetlands are represented throughout their respective commons with coordinating colors and patterns as well as a large, custom-designed wall graphic that depicts plant and animal life from that environment.

The Horicon School District project also involved renovations at the middle/high school. These renovations included new administrative and district offices, new restrooms and showers for the locker rooms, a new multi-purpose room for athletics, and building system upgrades. The middle/high school also share use of the new kitchen and cafeteria and gymnasium within the elementary addition.

Location: Horicon, WI

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