DeForest Village Hall + Public Safety Building

After Bray conducted a thorough facilities analysis, the Village of DeForest decided to move forward with a recommendation to address needs at its existing Deforest Village Hall + Public Safety Building. The solution involved extensive renovations and additions to the existing facilities to build a “like-new” civic campus.

The Village Hall received a 13,000 square foot, one-story addition that includes a new lobby, several multi-function conference rooms for public use, and office space. 5,000 square feet of the existing building was renovated to update current office and support spaces. Staff work rooms and break-out areas were also added to promote unique interactions. Clerestory and daylight windows are featured in both public and private areas to allow natural light into the space.

The Public Safety Building received a 7,000 square foot, one-story addition that houses office spaces, changing rooms, evidence storage, and a garage. The existing building received 4,000 square feet of renovation that included upgraded existing facilities to meet department needs.

Both building additions introduce new entrances, and the campus site itself gained a new entrance and parking areas. To achieve a cohesive campus, the new DeForest Village Hall + Public Safety Building additions have a similar modern design and were constructed with similar materials, including masonry work.

Awards: Wisconsin Masonry Alliance | 2019 Excellence in Masonry – Best of Concrete

Location: Deforest, WI     Cost: $7,500,000     Addition Size: VH-13,000sf/PS-7,000sf     Renovation Size: VH-5,000sf/PS-4,000sf

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