Camanche Community School District

After a successful referendum, the Camanche Community School District is undergoing renovations at the elementary school and high school.

Both the elementary school and high school at Camanche Community School District will receive safety/security upgrades including a secure entry for students and visitors.

The high school renovation includes upgrades to the gym and fitness space, theatre, and cafeteria. The existing small theater and choir room will be renovated, and a new stage and 600 seat theater and support spaces will be added.

Sports and recreation updates at the high school include a new auxiliary gymnasium and weights/ fitness center. Additionally, the long-abandoned swimming pool will be repurposed into a new wrestling facility and choir rehearsal space.

Finally, the existing cafeteria will be remodeled and the kitchen relocated to create a larger cafeteria/commons space that accommodates more students.

Location: Camanche, IA     Size of Renovations: 29,500 square feet     Size of Additions: 20,500 square feet

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