Burlington Integrated Department of Public Works

This Department of Public Works houses the Streets, Parks, and Water Departments. Office space includes a reception area, supervisor and foremen offices, staff training & multi-purpose room, document storage, office support areas, and a lunch room. The garage storage area contains vehicle and equipment storage, maintenance bay, part storage area, wood shop, welding area, utility workroom, and a cold storage area. Salt storage and compactions facilities were also constructed as part of the project.

The design began with considerations to the building’s relationship to a major thoroughfare into the city. The building program required several large volume open work spaces, while master planning for future site and building expansion required the building footprint to be located close to a heavily traveled street. The scale of the facility was thus reduced by breaking the office functions and maintenance bays into smaller components and arranging them to screen the largest building parts from the street.

Location: Burlington, WI     Size: 38,790 square feet

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