Bank First National Oshkosh Branch

Continuing its 20-year partnership, Bank First National partnered with Bray Architects to design its new Bank First National Oshkosh Branch.

The building’s design is centered around two intersecting axes, relating to existing street angles. The customer lobby is housed at the intersection of the wood and stone axes, surrounded by the support spaces. Natural light spills into the lobby space through a clerestory that features electrochromic glazing. These electrochromic smart windows automatically darken as the sun brightens and are used throughout the building, eliminating the need for window coverings.

Beyond the lobby are six enclosed offices, eight open workstations, and two conference rooms. The customer experience at the Bank First National Oshkosh Branch is enhanced by an available coffee bar located adjacent to a waiting area. The bank also includes four interior and two drive-through teller stations, offering two drive-through lanes and one lane with 24-hour ATM access.

Location: Oshkosh, WI

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