Bank First National Headquarters

This bank renovation was created within a larger renovation of an aging, fifties-style shopping mall. A natural and warm ambiance was created with a neutral color scheme to serve as a backdrop for multicolored slate tile, copper, and American birch used throughout. The exterior is clad in the slate tile that blends into the bank lobby interior and an attractive stone wall. Existing interior steel columns were boxed-out and wrapped in matching stone to further enhance the image of solidity. Copper is used in bands between the slate tile and as accents to the facility’s exterior front. Casework, doors, and frames were created with birch to add warmth.

Before renovation the existing space had a floor to structure height of sixteen feet. This space was used to create a bowed, vaulted ceiling space in the main banking area that is lit with a concealed perimeter light soffit. This curved ceiling form is repeated throughout the casework and front window bay. The wood detailing was carried into the check-processing area and the community room. The colors of the slate were used in the wall covering and furniture fabric in these areas to unify the design throughout the facility.

Location: Manitowoc, WI     Size: 7,800sf

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