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Employee Spotlight Stephanie Vierling

June 10, 2022
Stephanie Vierling's employee spotlight graphic

Stephanie Vierling is an associate and Bray’s interior design manager. She has many day-to-day responsibilities, but if she had to choose one word to summarize her role it would be “navigator.”

This is a fitting description based on how Stephanie and her team approach their work with clients. “Early on in our conversations with the client, we establish what I refer to as a design compass,” she says. “We develop a design concept based on those initial conversations, which guide us through the rest of the process. If questions come up, we can always go back to that compass to help us make decisions.”

Stephanie recognizes that every Bray project is unique, but helping clients feel comfortable making their design decisions remains consistent. “Our goal at Bray is to empower clients with the confidence they need to make choices about their spaces, many of which will have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years,” she says. “We recognize that our clients make big decisions, not only for themselves but also for their communities. We aim to bring levity and joy to the decision-making process.”

As a manager, Stephanie also enjoys sharing her experience with the other interior designers on the team and helping them grow in their roles. “An important part of my role is serving as a mentor for the rest of the interior design team,” she says. “I find a lot of joy in interacting with our clients, and my goal is to help other designers find that sense of joy as well.”

Outside of the office, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter. Together, they like to make crafts and spend time outdoors. Stephanie also likes to stay active by biking and playing on the playground with her daughter. But on a cold or rainy day, you’ll probably find her antique shopping or finding the perfect furniture for her house.

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