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Employee Spotlight Nico Sanchez

August 3, 2021
Nico Sanchez employee spotlight

Nico Sanchez is a project leader and architect working on the new Neenah High School project. Though he’s spent most of his first year at Bray working from home, he loves working on this talented project team, and has felt welcomed since day one.

His interest in architecture started as a kid helping his parents renovate their home in Logan Square, Chicago. Here he developed an appreciation for buildings, their history, and how to make them better.

“If you’re living in a house that’s over 100 years old you find that they really need special care. That level of detail is how I approach my projects. I try to make them better, and I try to implement really practical approaches to design that don’t break the bank, but still get the job done.”

Outside of work you can catch him playing some video games with his nephews or working in the garden with his four chickens, Patty, Becky, Bebe, and Karen.

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