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Employee Spotlight Luann Nevius

January 17, 2022
Luann Nevius employee spotlight

Luann Nevius is the architectural project contract administrator. In this role, she writes contracts for all of Bray’s projects, including agreements with project owners, contractors, and consultants, as well as construction change orders, substantial completion documents, and more – anything that’s in contract form comes through Luann.

This role found Luann, rather than the other way around. She started her career in fashion design, working for brands like Adidas, Diadora, and Carhartt.

After many years in that industry, and living in several different states across the country, Luann made the transition to architecture and construction. She already had some familiarity with the industry because many of her family members worked in construction. Over time, she began to specialize in administrating contracts.

Bray is just the right size firm for Luann. “I’ve always said that I like to work for smaller companies rather than large ones,” she says. “I enjoy the process of being able to help move a company forward and help them grow. I’m a very organized person, so I enjoy the structure that’s required to facilitate that process of growth.”

When Luann is not working, she’s likely hosting a party or attending a sporting event. “I’m a big hostess. I really enjoy having people over and putting together large spreads of food and beverages,” she says.

She’s also a sports fanatic. Her resume of live sporting events include: the Ryder Cup, the Final Four basketball tournament, an NBA All-Star game, the Olympics, the U.S. Open tennis tournament, and, of course, Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers games.

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