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Employee Spotlight Karina Henderson

June 27, 2022
Karina Henderson - employee spotlight

Karina Henderson is the director of marketing at Bray, where she oversees the marketing team and leads the marketing efforts for the firm. As she put it, her job is “to make sure people know about the wonderful things we do.” She recently led the efforts in our rebranding, including our new website. 

She enjoys many aspects of her role, but especially likes working with and being a mentor to the marketing team. “We have great talent in our department, and being able to work with a wonderful team of professionals every day is something I truly enjoy,” she says. “We have lots of opportunities to do new things and reach more people, which is exciting!” 

Karina’s passion for writing led her to communications and marketing, where her people-first approach has allowed her to succeed in industries from local government to nonprofits to pro sports. “Best practices in how you communicate with people apply to any industry,” she notes. 

Ultimately, all these paths led her to our architecture firm, where Bray’s commitment to schools and civic buildings aligns with Karina’s lifelong aspiration to uplift her community. 

One of her most memorable moments at Bray was her first day, when she met the marketing team. “I hadn’t met many others in the office yet, so when we all huddled around the ‘marketing island’ and I met each of them, I felt a sense of comfort and knew this was going to be a great team to lead,” she recalls. “We all clicked so well.”

Outside of work, her time is spent with her husband, two little kids, and two furry friends. During the summer months, Karina enjoys her garden, where she has raspberry bushes as well as wildflower plants. During the non-summer months, she fights the urge to constantly stay home and drink tea.  

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