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Employee Spotlight Andrea Stephan

October 13, 2021
Andrea Stephan employee spotlight

Andrea Stephan is a specification writer who leads the development of building product specifications and coordinates their integration into construction documents.

In her role at Bray, she is the link between project teams and the information they need to know about materials, code compliance, and construction methods. She shares her knowledge and research about these topics to ensure design quality standards are met on every project.

While most of her day is spent with words, Andrea likes that her role pairs factual writing and practical thinking with the visual and creative aspects of architecture. In fact, she believes that specifying out of standard products and applications can offer opportunities to exercise creativity – it can rejuvenate a designer’s imagination and inspire new ways of using those products.

Andrea has been in this career for over 20 years, and she still finds that every project poses new and exciting challenges. Each one offers a chance to learn something new!

When she’s not working, Andrea is busy raising two toddlers. She is continuously inspired by the moments that spark her children into another season of growth, new interests, and witnessing something “click” for them. When she has time, she supplements motherhood with music, books, cooking, and running.

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