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Employee Spotlight Allison Mastel

March 30, 2022
Allison Mastel employee spotlight

Allison Mastel is a project leader and architect. Each day looks a little different as she handles all the moving pieces of a project. Her responsibilities include managing the design team, communicating with the client, and coordinating with the project engineers.

One of the things Allison likes about architecture is that she’s always learning. “Architecture is one of those fields where you need to know a little bit about a lot of things,” she says. “When you start working on a new project, you’re guaranteed to learn something new.”

Allison remembers always wanting to be an architect. As a kid, she loved making houses out of paper and playing Legos with her siblings. In high school, Allison took every art class that she could. She credits those classes as a primer for her undergraduate and graduate studies in architecture at UW-Milwaukee.

“Anything that gets you to think about form, space, and proportions is great preparation for architecture school,” she says.

Her education didn’t end with her graduate degree – she’s currently taking classes to earn her ALEP accreditation from the Association for Learning Environments. Allison has always loved school, which is part of the reason she enjoys working on educational buildings, especially engaging with the district and community’s vision.

“When we work with an enthusiastic and forward-thinking client, we rise to that challenge,” she says. “It impacts how the project turns out.”

Passionate co-workers also affect the outcome of the project. “There are so many people I work with who are so inspired and motivated about what they do,” Allison says. “I think architecture is an enthusiastic career choice in general – everyone is engaged. It’s great to work with passionate people. It keeps you passionate.”

Outside of the office, and when she’s not working on her ALEP classes, Allison enjoys spending time with her husband. When the Wisconsin weather allows, they like camping and spending time outdoors, including walks with their dog. But they’re perfectly happy indoors, too, and enjoy taking ballroom dance classes together.

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